These illustrations and branding is created for the Zimri Mayfield's design challenge. 
Felix is a Government backed Company helping young entrepreneurs secure funding for clean energy start-ups in Denmark. Felix wants to appeal to young entrepreneurs and help connect them to government institutions, investment firms, and independent investors.
Ads are inspired by clever Danish idioms. I felt no need to "translate them" because the target audience will get the meaning. But I'll explain them here: "The beard in the letterbox" — feel powerless; "No cow on the ice" — no problems, no complications; "Just pat the horse" — calm down. Illustrations are meant only to grab attention. Because of the way that Instagram ads work, we'll already have a motivated audience with clean energy ideas and the company goal is attractive by itself. So I didn't feel like ads need to do anything else but keep a viewer's eye for a second and lead to the link.  
Thanks for having a look!
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